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Welcome to Atlantis Wiki

The new and TOTALLY AWESOME wiki on the area in Chicago.


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  • Please do not edit or create a page unless you are a member of the Atlantian, Preporian, Enimarian Territories.
  • That would be: Ben, Matt, Omar, Renato, Amanda, Matt, Damion, Jason, DJ, or Derek.

Atlantis is Real

This is the Atlantis wiki. Talking mainly about the people who inhabit the small land. There are also pages on the other territories and people as well as wars and famous speeches. This is NOT a fake and stupid site. This site represents several people who grew up in this area. We leared everything from this area. The names were just titles that we called eachother.Some of these 'wars' actually took place. Espionage by several of us to most of them. We did it so we could have somewhere to hang out. Atlantis is like a second home to us. It may not be the underwater city. But it is a patch of land in the hood.

Thank you,