This is a speech made by Emperor Jacob III. He announced to the four nations that he was ending the Empire and creatinga Republic. He in terms released and freed the Empire. The sppech goes as continued.

"Ladies and gentleman of our great state of Atlantis. This is a great day. This is a day worth memory. Today will mark a special point in out histoy. We have suffered in our time. We have gone through great and terrible days. Days of hiding and days of fighting. Days of Empires and Kings. However, those, like most things great must come to an end. Our vastly powerful Empire has never been stronger. It is at its peek. Although it has been merely months, we must say goodbye to even this great Empire.

Time ago there was a great leader who brought our ancient land through great and horrid periods. He was a force to be reconed with. But when the time came that he was given the opertunity to take down his great Empire, he refused. Time passed and people lived on. Then the extrodinary happened. In less than a week the neighbors from the west attacked. Then so did those from the north. Then from the east joined their forces too. In two days the great leader sat ans was forced to watch his great land die. He could do nothing as they took over his land and forced his people out through the south. As he sat, shocked in amazment, he neglected to activate security. His own palace was burned and he and his wife and eight children could not escape. It was here, At this very spot that the palace was burned.

We have been given a chance. The three surrounding nations are growing strong and we are not realising wat is causing it. Us. They fear that we will attack and we could if we wanted. That is the same negligence however that created the crusades years ago. If we do not want what happened to them happen to us we must stand down. So as to saying that maybe now you can realize why we are doing this. The greatest adventure lies ahead. We will be recunstructing this great empire into the First Atlantian Republic.What secrets shall lie ahead? Who shall lead us. These and other decisions will only reveal themselves. As for now, only time will tell. So let us step forth into the future. Doors are closing howver walls are being broken down. This is not the classic, door close window open. No, for as we close the doors to the Empire, We open walls of possibilites with the Republic. This is our Entrance to a new world. This is our Entrnce into the newest era. This is our Entrance into the Republic. Praise her oh Atlantis and God Bless. Goodnight."

After this speech the Emperor walked away and his Senior Advisor answered press questions.